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    Flew The Coop  – 

 Eyman mud run

                            One of the best runs in the state!!!                                   

Benefits the Eyman Benevolent Fund   

 The team did an amazing job putting this run together.

 NEXT RUN COMING  April 25th 2020 ——

Call the Mud Run    Hot Line.  520-868-8562 or 520-705-5691

  EMAIL info@flewthecooprun.org


NEXT RUN April 25 2020

Check out information page


FREE — Parking, Car key storage.

It’s been reported by experienced Mud Runners as a Unique run, and has obstacles no one else has. This is a Fun run.  The course is Moderately Hard to Moderate, and can be easy for smaller runners, as they (Not you) can skip harder obstetrical s..   Start time will be 7:00 am to 12:00 noon Book and reserve your Group Run time Now.  You will get a Exclusive start time for your Group.

Group discount available

See Prior:  Eyman Run Pictures  page.


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